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The Hyper-Ultra-Mega, Hyper-Sonic, Sonic the Hedgehog Strange Logo Dream 6000 Part 1!

Last night, I got a weird logo dream. In this dream, I watched TV with Sonic the Hedgehog, Manik Acorn and Sonia Acorn (all from Sonic the Hedgehog comic series except Sonic, which appeared in all of the series) bored from what we are watching. When I changed the channel to TWXS 49 Sonic City, I saw myself and Sonic (yah, they're both named Sonic). We were interested.  The show I and Sonic was in was called The Hyper-Ultra-Mega, Hyper-Sonic, Logo Show with Sonic 6000! It talked about Sonic series, logos and how they affect viewers. Soon, the KM Video logo appeared out of nowhere (KM Video scared me and Sonic) and caused both of us to faint from that zooming planet. Sonic and his children were shocked and he told me to change the channel, but Manik told him that it's ok and it's just a TV show. Sonic and his daughter agreed with Manik and we continued. We then strangely teleported into a Sonic Capshaw LV, a rebadged version of the Steer version (Steer and other Saints Row automakers exist in my dream world). Sonic and his children live with me.  We continued to watch The Hyper-Ultra-Mega, Hyper-Sonic, Logo Show with Sonic 6000! on my built-in TV. Soon, some Robotnik Anti-Acorn Gang Members came and we shot them. Then, this unknown logo appeared. It had a planet zooming ala KM Video but 2 Sonics came and stopped it. Then Cinema by Benny Benassi played. After that text in Bank Gothic appeared. Sonia told me it was her father's film company MDSonic Films. Then we drove to a car store and they sold a strange Sonic Motors car. Sonic told me it was the CASCADE RS. The lottery was on the TV and we won a trillion pounds because TWXS airs in Leeds as well because Sonic City is close to the UK and they have large sonic waves. We then bought the CASCADE RS and drove home.
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