Blendicos is a company that makes bootleg tapes. It's from a country called "Schavandia", which is obviously a fake country. A mystery is the J.D.V in the name.

So what we see is broken languages. Words like El and Los blend Sonic up between Portuguese and Spanish. Even Legal Video makes Sonic blend up between those 2 languages. It says El Trizimone Legal Video Do Walt Disney Schavandia Homes Phillipines, United Arab Elemates, Lo Peticular Do Disney Schavandia. Delios De Walt Disney Schavandia G.P.A 2 Kymeros 22 Church Whelsh Video 2x Shcavandia 19 Holmssdale Road Jerios Schavandia SCH69 2OG. Companies Del Holme's Dale De, Belgium, France and Netherlands (FOR PRIVATE HOME USE ONLY) Los Distributorianolo Por Blendicos J.D.V. 0694925 G.S. 1922. And then the usual WDHV 1981 logo with a twist: Presenterianis. After Socoollogos tried to find which language Presenterianis came from, he settled on Portuguese.