Also known as Buena Vista Pictures Distribution, Buena Vista Pictures or BVP for short, is a real company. What if it continued? This would be the logo.


Nickname: Extended 1997 BVTV Logo, Longer BVTV Logo

Buena Vista Pictures Distribution Logo Remake FAKE

Buena Vista Pictures Distribution Logo Remake FAKE

Logo: On a space background, first it doesn't have the planet from the 1997 BVTV logo for a second till it appears, then some streaks of comet come around like the 1997 BVTV logo, and the 1997 BVTV background appears, but with PICTURES DISTRIBUTION replacing TELEVISION.

Cheesy Factor: COMPLETELY DESTROYS THE SCALE. First, they have copied their television arm (Buena Vista Television). Second, the streaks look like they were badly Scanimated! Third, why do they have the planet from the 1997 BVTV logo? That doesn't fit the time period. Then again, do they have a relation with Disney? Buena Vista is now an independent group. Fifth, they should've had the 2007 planet and theme!!

Availability: Rare. Buena Vista hardly made any movies, and the most rare variant is the Sonic the Hedgehog game variant. the PICTURES DISTRIBUTION was replaced with GAMES. The most rare movie variant is Sonic and Amy variant.

Scare factor: Low for those who never seen it before, as the streaks may startle you off-guard. However, none for those who are used to seeing it.