Background: As an official successor to Essai Films, it's founder, Ghaimak Shong, after being bankrupt from their film industry company, decided to revive it's fame as a renaissance, by the name of Essai Film Arts. Now, Essai since 2008 is an private college which holds the ownership of the former Bhutanese company.


Essai Arts-1

Logo: TBA

FX/SFX: The revelation of the tombstone, the zooming in, the flashing, the text moving in up and down, and then everything which comes to a close destruction by a thunder.

Cheesy Factor: The logo looks like a total mess, which seems far off it's exact time this was very busy. Also, purple is not a fitting color for the tombstone, and the "eye" is too surreal and dramatic. Whoever made this (which is not the founder) made a quick shot to the bathroom and then doze off while first finishing it. The destruction does not seem like an excuse either. However, between the battle against the poor homes and media communications on that time, this is obvious that they put in the "eye" on the logo.

Music/Sounds: An fanfare made with drums and violins, then an announcer speaking in Dzongkha with an Bam Gheing, followed by an crashing sound.

Availability: Seen on films directed by Ghaimak, like Mang Yhe Khobian, Ghau Biesh Khayb, Kizzhe Ghiaz Kyae, Aigh Khabong Aumu and Mat Bing Ssau.

Scare Factor: High, because of the thunder which destructs the logo into pieces, and the combination of the fanfare with the purple scheme of the logo, which won't help calming matters.

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