Background: A studio located in Puducherry, near the frontier within Tamil Nadu.

1st Logo


Galat vyakti

Nicknames: "Kotori What?", "Is This A Logo Or An Introduction?" TBA

Logo: TBA

FX/SFX: None.

Cheesy Factor: Kotori didn't exist until 2010. Also, like other logos of it's kind, it has many seconds of length.

Music/Sounds: An announcer either yelling or saying (with the same script) something in Tamil for 1 minute.

Availability: Seen on their films of the time.

Scare Factor: Low.

2nd Logo


Galat vyakti 2

Nicknames: "Kotori What? II" TBA

Logo: Same as the 1st logo, but TBA.

FX/SFX: Same as the 1st logo.

Cheesy Factor: Off the charts, for the same reasons as the 1st logo, but the length has sumated too far.

Music/Sounds: Same as the last logo, but the announcer is speaking in Tamil for 3 minutes.

Availability: Seen on Kāṭṭavum Uṅkaḷ Uṭaiyai Cāyttu Paṭam Capippōm.

Scare Factor: Minimal.