Logo: On a light-beige background, we see in the center an dot with the letters "good production" in red. A short couple of frames later, it makes an extreme close up and the logo starts to move. It zooms in very closely to the words in red, until we fade to black.


  • There is a red variant where it changes colors very fastly from red to pink to black and doesn't stop zooming in and out.
  • There was also a blue variant where the logo would zoom in more into the letters and repeat all over again.

FX/SFX: The sudden zoom in to both the dot and the movement of the logo, the fading. For the red variant, the very fasst changing of the colors, the maniac zooming, and for the blue variant, the repeating zoom in of the letters.

Cheesy Factor: Due to the logo being so old, this is not an excuse. Speaking about that, it obliterates the whole scale. TBA

Music/Sounds: An very loud, low-pitched gong which echoes more intensely per second, and then, bug noises singing at the same cycle as the gong, and then an loud whoosh which jarringly cuts into the movie.

Availability: Very common, in fact, it has been seen in notorious films like The Moment Of Glory, Independence Day, The Cursed Show, Dr. Brookton And It's Minions, The Cameraman, Stove, Cloaking and Various Puppets, The Resistance Of Saint Nicholas and Miners At Twelve o'Clock. For the red variant, it has been seen in very quiet and kids films like The 1 2 3 Children and Soldier Boys Singing The ABC's.

Scare Factor:

  • High to nightmare.
  • Nightmare, possibly even off the scale for the red variant.
  • Medium to nightmare for the blue variant.

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