Nicknames: TBA

Logo: We see an extreme close-up drawing of various Mikus from the poster song Slow Motion from the artist Pinocchio-P staring into the viewer. For then, we see a spotlight that comes in from the upper right part of the logo. They are in a wooden or glass cube. The name of the company doesn't appear. The screen then fades to black.

Variant: On Aiga Khuri Badhayie, there's an opening transition where a circle zooms in and reveals the logo. The logo is also a bit of a darker, and mirrored. It also has a closing transition which has (instead of an circle) a rhombus zoom out, ending the logo.

FX/SFX: None. The circle and rhombus transitions in Aiga Khuri Badhayie

Cheesy Factor: The logo is disturbing, some Mikus have some red irises in it's eyes, and they had an less useful idea to move the camera into the viewer, which makes this more gory. The bunny-like Miku also got it's ears bitten and some Mikus aren't in it's corresponding clothes in some movies, probably because of the lack of effort in the movies they produced. Others may think the whole scheme of the logo is a bad idea. Also, the most important Miku had it's red arrow to the left, while in the poster it had it on the right, and where's the company's name? Also, in Aiga Khuri Badhayie, they had even lack of effort on it! The circle does need to return as a circle, but not as a rhombus!

Music/Sounds: A male announcer speaking loud in Hindi, and a heroic military tune made by a trumpet playing after a few seconds.

Availability: Seen on Reni Sai Kodhi-Ayighan and Aiga Khuri Badhayie.

Scare Factor: It depends on what you think about this logo. It can range from low (bordering on medium) to nightmare. If you don't look about the concept of the logo, the imagery of it is already closed-up and disturbing enough, and the announcer and creepy heroic fanfare will catch you off-guard.

Final Note: The actual concept of the logo is not about the Slow Motion Mikus staring at you with the red eyes. The logo itself is about protection, as said by the announcer, quoting Isiah 11:8: "If God protects you, you can't be harmed by anyone. Even though the world is against you and trying to harm you, they cannot even touch a hair of yours". Either way, most Indians would actually interpret it as the Slow Motion Mikus and it's gory motion with their red eyes, but, however, the unintentional disturbing nature has given it a controversial reputation among some other Indians, as said by the Scare Factor.

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