Nicknames: "Kirby's Shoes", "The Blatant Use Of The 1971 Intidjaja Film Fanfare", "What Are Kirby's Shoes Doing Here?", "Kirby: "Poyo! Poyo poyo poyo poyo!" (Hey! These are my shoes!)", "The Preschoolers Were Involved At The Making Of This Logo", "The American And Indonesian Son Of Home Game"

Logo: After about a half second of black screen, we abruptly cut to the red background with Kirby's shoes. Under Kirby's shoes, "KSF" appears. Below them "KIRBY'S SHOES FILM" appears by letter-by-letter. The logo stands still for 11 minutes until we cut away.

FX/SFX: None, except the text appearing.

Cheesy Factor: What these shoes doing here? Did they steal someone's shoes? Not to mention that the music from an Indonesian logo, has been stolen!

Music/Sounds: The 1971 Intidjaja Film fanfare.

Availability: Common in the United States. Uncommon in Indonesia. Can be seen on some American and Indonesian (International) films from 1971 to present.

Scare Factor: Low. People who know about Kirby may laugh at the blatant object and music theft.