Background: An former Gujarati studio based in Gandhinagar.



Nicknames: "Succumbing Into Pleasure" "The Evil Setsuna Logo" "Setsuna, Don't Rip Us Off Anymore" "The Revenge Logo" "The Indian Setsuna Logo" "The Dark Marriage Logo" "Makoto, I Love You..."

Logo: TBA

FX/SFX: None, if you wanna count the scratches.

Cheesy Factor: This logo is one of the worst. This is because neither Makoto nor Setsuna exist until 2006. Is also because the logo is a bit of a fetish around the place, and the logo is too lenghty for a logo made on the 1960's. This is a distant competitor to Drug Store Productions.

Music/Sounds: An announcer speaking something in Gujarati for 3 minutes, which adds to the scare factor.

Availability: Seen on it's 5 films, Adhikāra Gaṇō Orēma, Gālsīnā Sāthī'ō, Mātr̥bhūminī Jēlō, Līlā Hr̥daya Phaḷa and Maḷēlā Lōkō Cāthē Pratibandhita Prēma.

Scare Factor:Low to nightmare, depends on how you think of the fetish content between Setsuna and Makoto, the evil announcer accent and the length of the logo. It's lower for those who are used to it.

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