Background: An studio located in Tamuk, West Bengal, India

1st Logo


Pyare sabase

Logo: TBA

FX/SFX: The revelation of the character, the wind.

Cheesy Factor: TBA

Music/Sounds: An playful sitar music plays throughout until the middle of the logo, and then some xylophone ditty which transitions into a violin fanfare.

Availability: Seen on their films of the time, such as Anchali Khavele, Anandhi Penn and Baanci Gahale Khai Bo Sem.

Scare Factor: Low to medium, because of the revelation of Azusa combined with the overly dramatic music.

2nd Logo


Pyare sabase 2

Logo: TBA

Variants: TBA

FX/SFX: Same as the last logo. It may vary.

Cheesy Factor: Same as the last logo, but it's a major upgrade from the last logo, since there is no wind on here. For the variants, TBA.

Music/Sounds: An completely different music with an sitar and an tampura, followed by an announcer saying in Bengali: "In the beggining, you started off as a giant hero. Keep on it, chase the light and step up your game until there's no more." followed by an dramatic note.

Availability: Seen on their films of the time, even some of their lasts.

Scare Factor: Low, because of the dramatic fanfare at the end, otherwise it's a really good logo.