Background: RTX Entertainment is the animation arm of Sonic Digital Entertainment, formed in 1947.


Logo: Same as the Estudios Mauricio de Sousa logo, but instead of Bidu, we see Sonic saying the slogan.

Cheesy Factor: The RTX Entertainment text and Sonic are poorly chyroned in! Also, why did they steal the Estudios Mauricio de Sousa logo?

Variants: If you put in a dirty or damaged disk, the finished logo is shown, but with the Estudios Mauricio de Sousa logo playing slowly. This is also known as the Sonic Death. It's only reported to be shown on the Sonic RTX5 and Sonic RTX2. The Sonic RTX6 and the Sonic RTX1 have a screen saying Please put in a RTX6 or RTX1 (depending on the console) disc. While the Sonic RTX4, RTX3 and RTX7 have a Not Playable sign. There's 2 other variants where one plays normally without the chimes and the other has no music for a minute, then Sonic Death happens. Those are called Callous Dingle and Fear Drive.

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