Background: Sad Kirby Films (เสียใจเคอร์บี้ภาพยนตร์) is a Bangkok-based Thai film production company founded in April 1, 1932. It did not use a logo until 1992.

1st Logo

(1992-March 23, 1993)

1992 Sad Kirby Films Logo
Sad Kirby Films (1992-March 23, 1993)

Sad Kirby Films (1992-March 23, 1993)

Logo: On a red background, we see the name of the company in Thai.

FX/SFX: None.

Music/Sounds: The 1992 Xiaoxiang Film Studio fanfare, which is a traditional fanfare accompanied by a wind instrument.

Availability: First seen on Rak Phi (รักผี, 1992), and last seen on La sunakh cingcxk (ล่าสุนัขจิ้งจอก, 1993).

Scare Factor: Medium, the fanfare can be unsettling.

2nd Logo

(March 23, 1993-)

Nicknames: "Sad Kirby", "Thailand's Saddest Logo Ever Made", "Kirby: "Poyo..." (Please...)", "Meta Knight: "What's Wrong, Kirby?"", "The Saddest Thai Film Company Logo Ever", "Don't Worry, Kirby. Things Could Get Better."

Logo: On a white background, we see Kirby sad and looking at us. The screen stands still for 6 seconds until it fades to black.

Variant: On Cunchom Sau Ni Kraprong Mi Ni (ชื่นชมสาวในกระโปรงมินิ), Kirby is different in this logo (pictured below).

FX/SFX: None, unless you count the scratches.

Cheesy Factor: Like any other Thai logo, no company names appear.

Music/Sounds: A sad-sounding music with violins accompanied by a piano.

Availability: Seen on Hlak Sut Rd RimKar Phcy Phay Khxng Khe XrbiSi Bxrk Khu Roa Cang Praman 100 Pi Khx Ngxa Ni Mea (Cyborg Kuro-Chan about 100 years of anime in Thai, not to be confused with the deviation of the same name), Kar Phcy Phay Khxng Dek Kaphra and other movies produced by a company.

Scare Factor: None. For Kirby, there's nothing to worry about.