Note: Not to be confused with the Tamil company of the same name, but this is a different one and they didn't knew that company anyways.

1st logo


Saravan Nepal

Logo: TBA.


  • A black and white version also exists.
  • An ending version also exists, which appears to be in 5 of the films they produced.
  • In the majority of it's films, like Kazhna Yothai, the name of the company doesn't appear.
  • The rest TBA.

FX/SFX: The text zooming in and the lights appearing. When the name doesn't appear, it's none.

Cheesy Factor: TBA, and Neither Kirino or Kousuke didn't exist until the 2000's.

Music/Sounds: An deep announcer which says a religious phrase to start with, which follows an synth 3-note fanfare.


  • On some films, it could use an soft fanfare which soon gets dramatic and accompanied with instruments.
  • On some films, the announcer would say it's phrase and it's extension.
  • On the black and white version, it's a different announcer and fanfare, which is a trumpet one. On some color films it has used too.
  • On some films, a female does it's speech, and the synth fanfare plays in a low pitch.
  • And on some films,nothing was the music. This was used by the ending variant too.

Availability: Seen on a ton of films produced by the company, such as the ones below, and TBA.

Scare Factor:

  • Medium for the original version.
  • None for the ending version and the still version.
  • Medium to high for the red version.
  • High for the black and white version.
  • Medium to high for the sunset version.

2nd Logo

(1953-1978, in-credit version)


Logo: TBA


Cheesy Factor: Although this was n improvement from the logo above, this also has minimal cheesiness and evidence is on this logo.

Music/Sounds: TBA

Availability: Seen on the minority of the films below.

Scare Factor: Low to medium.

3rd Logo

(1978-1990, in-credit version)