Not to be confused with Siberiafilm, a Russian company.

Background: TBA, and the name of the company roughly translates into "Siberia's Tundra"



Logo: We fade in into an white background, and we see, in that background, an half blue-half cyan abstract "S" with one line in the cyan part and two lines in the blue part. In the left side, we see the text "SIBERIA-NO-TODO" in Arial, black and diagonal. We then fade to black.

Variants: There are two animated variants: One brief, and one extended. TBA

FX/SFX: None. For the animated variant, TBA. For the extended version, TBA.

Cheesy Factor: The "S" barely is seen because it looks like an amateur 1st grader card with crayons written over it's borders.

Music/Sounds: None.

  • For the animated variant, an whoosh, which then preceeds into two high pitched melody-like whooshes and then 3 dings, which then segues into an solo of an "Subaru" (popular Ezo instrument)
  • For the extended animated variant, the logo plays the same, but differently and in a slower pace. TBA

Availability: Seen and plastered on very anime shows, like Houko Bash, Yoko Yaoi, Benedetti: La Casa della Verita, Ore no Kaikou ni Terebi Oni-kan nai no Wakamono, Watashi wa Ottoto Ni Isho Ni Mochika, Rulers From The Orient, and for those from very anime shows, many of them were seen in the Slice of Life gender, like Maduru Koimichi.

Scare Factor: Minimal, because of the "S" being so abstract and the somewhat strange name.

  • Low to medium for the animated variant.
  • Low to high for the extended animated variant, some may know they were expecting the still or the animated variant, but then they wind up with this. TBA