Sonic Digital Entertainment started as Sonic Digital in 1911. Back then, it produced silent films and never used a logo until 1958, During the time before 1958, they only used a hedgehog as their logo. Now it is owned by Sonic Corporation PLC and now owns ConnorWorks Entertainment.


Nicknames: The Boring Logo

Logo: A hedgehog waves at us, Then credit appears as Produced by Sonic Digital.

Avabillity: Extinct. However a flashing version is reported to be on a 1958 print of Sonic Show.

Scare Factor: Minimal.


Logo: A steam train chuffs till we pass into a hill. Then text in Didot saying Sonic Digital fades in

Avability: Rare. Most prints of Sonic Digital's films have it either replaced with the 1979 version or the 2003 version of the Sonic the Hedgetrain logo.

Scare Factor: None. But the next logo is a little bit worse.


Nicknames: Sonic the Hedgetrain

3rd logo

Logo: We see a DB Class 203 pulling 10 wagons going hypersonic. Then Sonic Digital in the same font as in the last logo or Sonic Digital Entertainment in Bank Gothic zooms in a white background.

Avability: Common. It plastered the 1958 logo in most prints of Sonic Digital (Entertainment)'s films. Also appeared in Sonic in Watch your Language! before the Sega and ConnorWorks Entertainment logos.

FX/SFX: The train, the zoom in of the text and the electric lines, all done by SonicFX.

Variants: On PacMan 256, the logo flickers and lags like a video chat service with a bad connection and the music becomes distorted. The train turns into half of the kill screen from Pacman, along with the logos after it (Namco Bandai Games, Cartoon Saloon, Lionsgate and ConnorWorks Entertainment).

Scare Factor: Medium. The train going hypersonic gave some people nightmares. But this logo isn't real.

4th logo (Alternative logo)

Logo: This is a redesigned variant of the first logo, but it was done to promote Sonic Unleashed (2009). And Sonic Digital Entertainment America/Japan/Australia/Europe/Africa/Middle East or, in the case of British prints of both Sonic Unleashed '09 and Sonic2007 Generations, just Sonic Digital Entertainment fades in with the background and in color.

Avability: Ultra rare. Only found on Sonic2007 Generations and Sonic Unleashed '09.

Music: Sad Day by Blancmarge, the same music from the 1987 VideoSonic logo.