Nicknames:The Msp Logo Parody. Stella!!




  • A CGI Recreated Version Exists on the startup screen for PlayTrack and PlayTrack Portable.
  • A Still Version exists if a UMD is Inserted for the PlayTrack Portable or a disc is inserted for the Playtrack 2
  • Starting In 2010, Stella Is Now Redesigned to Promote Clang invasion and The text is now formed by sparks and the animation is updated and the byline is replaced by the URL ( Sometimes Its Bylineless.

Music/Sounds Variant:On rare occasions, if you put in a damaged or dirty disc, sometimes you will get freezed version of the badge and Stella still talking along with a much more jarring version of the sound. Stella's dialog comes in more heavily and the music and the Last 2 notes are replaced with a higher-pitched version of the Music. Only reported to happen on the PlayTrack and PTone (if this was done on the PlayTrack 2, you will get the screen saying "Please insert a PlayTrack or PlayTrack 2 format disc" instead). This can also happen when you insert a pirated CD-format PlayTrack 2 game into the PlayTrack or PTone.

  • There are also two other error sounds: one of them is the normal sound but without the synth parts and the other is the Music playing slowly. These variants are nicknamed "Callous Venture" and "Fearful Harmony", respectively.
  • For the Startup of PlayTrack(if a Disc is Not Inserted) and the 2010 version Breathy synth music are heard Instead and Stella's dialog is kept Intact.
  • The Still version has A soft and short five note synth-chime tune or stella giggling thoughout the logo

Availability:Appears On some shows and as a Startup for the Award-Winning Stella Girl Playtrack

Scare Factor:

  • None To Medium. Because of Stella's Appearence.
  • Callous Venture/Fearful Harmony: Medium to nightmare. The Synthless sound may not be that bad (if not a bit strange), but then the music chillingly play slowly one-by-one about a minute later, which can be quite unnerving.
  • Personified Fear: High to nightmare. The freezed badge screen along with a tense version of the Estudios Maruicio De Sousa music can unnerve many people when they're not expecting it.
  • CGI Version:None. This is a Improvement over the original version. Same goes For the still variant.
  • 2010 version: None. Yet Again thanks to the Improved animation