Background: The second oldest television in Equatorial Guinea, based in Bata founded in 1949 (with Señal Guinea being the first one, also being the first Spanish-language television channel, founded in 1947). Started as Sistema Televisivo: Canal XI Experimental del Colegio Marquesa Oriental del Benalúa - Bata Sur, the channel changed it's name over the times and now guarding it's name to Tele-Nacio. (the rest TBA)

1st Logo



Logo: TBA

Variant: This would be used when waiting for a television program, but with the logo just moving downwards with a clock inside and the closedown/startup reel, which is (description TBA), on grey, and then 4 seconds later, the bottom side would be transferred into dark blue.

FX/SFX: TBA, but in the variant is just none.

Cheesy Factor: This logo is way to outdated for today's standards, but TBA.

Music/Sounds: TBA.

Music/Sounds Variants: TBA.

Availability: Extinct. it's highly unlikely that the minority of the captures were recorded, as the technology for that at the time was limited, expensive, and bulky.

Scare Factor:

  • TBA.
  • Low to medium for the still version.
  • Low for the Que Hay, Sobrino? variant.
  • None for the El Show de Medias Caras de Lamar variant.
  • High for the El Show de Medias Caras de Lamar's April fools variant.
  • Low to high for the Las Callejeras Amayenguenses variant.
  • Medium for the Melodrámatica Nacional variant.
  • None to low, bordering on high for the Mi Novia, Catina Estefana variant.
  • Low to medium for the Hermana Menor Primaria variant.
  • Minimal to medium for the news variant.

However, this could make a great remembrance for the Guineans who watched it.

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