Background: Vheela Family Trust is an film studio owned by the House of Divine Vheelan Hearts of the College of Saint Sri Vheela of Adhibaya, located on Kotte.

1st Logo



Nicknames: "Generic Miku on the Sunset"

Logo: TBA

FX/SFX: The sunset.

Cheesy Factor: Kasoku Sato Miku didn't exist until the 2012, but the creators still decided to paint her and predict her very quaintly.

Music/Sounds: An playful sitar and tampura theme with drums, which lasts for 29 seconds.

Availability: Seen on Auka Veena Othoka Aishamee.

Scare Factor: Low to medium.

2nd Logo



Logo: TBA

FX/SFX: The lights.

Cheesy Factor: A major downgrade from the last logo, because of the quality. Also, still, Kasoku Sato Miku didn't exist until 2012.

Music/Sounds: An different fanfare with violins and a tampura, following a triumphant marching fanfare which all of them both last every 10 seconds.

Availability: Seen on Gajantha Gillman.

Scare Factor: Medium.

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